I offer a fully mobile service, I am happy to travel to your own home to treat your dog or to your stables to treat your horse. I use manual techniques, to include massage and range of movement stretching techniques, I also use therapeutic ultrasound, electro magnetic field therapy and red/blue phototherapy.

Treatments Description Prices
Horse treatment Individual horse £50 per horse
Horse treatment x 3 3 horses within the same yard £45 per horse
Horse treatment x 5 5 horses within the same yard £40 per horse
Horse treatment x 7 7 or more horses within the same yard £35 per horse
Dogs Individual dog in owners home £35 per session
Travel Within 10 miles of Leighton Buzzard FOC
Travel Travel beyond 10 miles 50p per mile

*All prices inclusive of VAT

Animal Physiotherapy is governed by the Veterinary Act, I work under veterinary referral, I can assist with contacting your vet prior to treatment if necessary.

Leo is rising 5 and has suffered the usual challenges of saddle fit and dental changes associated with his age. Being concerned that he wasn't working at his optimum, Lucy provided an overall examination and discovered various issues that might have been attributed to a previously ill-fitting saddle.