Lucy came to see my horse Prada for a general check over after a busy summer of competing. Prada can be a bit nervous of new people, but she took to Lucy straight away and became relaxed very quickly and enjoyed her treatment. I will definitely be having Lucy to treat Prada on a regular basis to help us progress in our training." - Ashley DeSouza

Leo is rising 5 and has suffered the usual challenges of saddle fit and dental changes associated with his age. Being concerned that he wasn't working at his optimum, Lucy provided an overall examination and discovered various issues that might have been attributed to a previously ill-fitting saddle.

Lucy has definitely got not only a natural way with horses but also a huge amount of knowledge and her passion for her work is obvious. Lucy was lovely and calm when working with my horse and she explained everything she was doing as she worked. At the end of the session Lucy advised me on how I could help my horse by simple stretches. I am looking forward to Lucy coming back and I’m sure my horse is too!" - Lisa Banks

I’m very pleased to say that, following Lucy’s corrective work and overall “MOT”, the improvement to Leo’s mobility was very noticeable and thankfully, he has not experienced any further problems. I’m now a firm believer in physio work for the horse and also the importance of regular stretching. A big thanks from me and Leo!!!" - Matt Banks

rode Saggy yesterday and he was much softer threw his neck, Lucy has magic fingers!! - Kayleigh Finch

Lucy has an excellent eye when it comes to pin pointing issues with a horse's way of going. Lucy has a very quiet and kind way of handling the horses she works with, they are relaxed in her hands and quickly realise she is there to help. I have a driving pony and it's very important that he is able to work symmetrically in the carriage and is supple when asked to turn at speed around cones and obstacles. Lucy has worked with Vinnie to identify areas of weakness and tension which she has been able to manipulate to relieve and has advised me on exercises to help improve and maintain his suppleness and build his strength to improve his way of going." - Sarah Giddings

Lucy’s approach towards physio and training takes into account not just massage and manipulation, but also correct and progressive schooling exercises to strengthen muscles and work on mitigating or limiting weaknesses. This may be ridden exercises, lunging techniques or simple ground based stretches for your horse.

Lucy has an amazing ability to identify individual elements and translate them into an over all picture. She takes a holistic approach and is able to see the bigger picture so she can see when your horse is having an issue in one area and how that’s causing a problem in his way of going or well being. Because of this amazing ability it was always a natural progression for Lucy to embark on a career in Physiotherapy.

River really enjoyed his treatment and relaxed into it straight away. River had a very successful racing career spanning 7 years and winning £200k and has since been retrained as a Riding Horse. During his racing career, River had some back problems, so it's now so important to keep his back as supple and muscled as possible and the physiotherapy has helped so much with this, I will be using Lucy to treat him for the forseeable future, I am very pleased with the results so far. It was so interesting to get a full explanation of his body and any treatments that were being given. I really liked being given 'homework' exercises to do with River too, so that I could help him both before and after exercise. We are looking forward to another successful showing season together this year, as we qualified last year for the ROR Riding Horse class at Hickstead this year, and I'm excited that River has got Lucy to help him to get there in tip top condition. Thanks Lucy!" - Claire Sutton

Lucy has worked with my Spanish Stallion for around a year now and the improvement in both his and my suppleness and strength is remarkable. We are achieving success which I originally thought was well out of reach and the improvement has been rapid because of Lucys hard work, dedication and encouragement.

The only hesitation I would ever have in recommending Lucy is that I’d like to keep that secret all to myself! But in the interests of equine friends and riders everywhere, if your horse needs some physical help, if youre stuck with your training and you cant get over the next hurdle, if you have a feeling something isn’t quite right or you just love your horse and want him to be fit and happy to travel with you on your equine adventures, Lucy will help you get there, and better still, her continued support and advice will make the journey fun" - Helen Baker

My horse isn't the easiest to treat but Lucy was patient, quiet and brilliant with him... he trusts her implicitly now after a few sessions and the difference in him after treatment is immediate and so rewarding to see. He's nearly 19 and in the best shape if his life.... thanks to Lucy :o)" - Sharon Glay