Additional Therapies


Whether you feel your horse needs an allround MOT, you would like to check that your horse is developing correctly with even muscle tone or you have a horse requiring rehabilitation, CVAP is here to help.

I offer initial treatment through massage, passive stretching and active stretching. I also offer the following treatments which I will use to compliment the manual techniques.


The machine I use emits Ultra-violet (blue light) and Infra-red rays (red light) which have differing effects on the animals body.

Red Light therapy

I regularly use this therapy at the start of the physiotherapy session, as it;

• Encourages the release of endorphins when applied over acupuncture points
• Prepares muscle for manual techniques
• Optimises epithelial growth, accelerates collagen synthesis and reduces the growth of scar tissue and proud flesh
• Increases vaso-dilation

Blue Light therapy

A less frequently used therapy, however very useful for the following circumstances;

• Controls superficial bacteria on wounds and infection sites
• Can control skin conditions
• Helps to reduce suture breakdown
• Assists in the acceptance of skin grafts
• Assists in treating chronic low grade infections such as mud fever, granular licks, rain scald etc.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

I like to use this therapy as is assists in healing to a maximum depth of 5cm, I will choose to use it for the following;

• Treat skeletal muscle, tendon and ligament damage
• Treat contracted tendons
• Reduce oedema and inflammation
• Increase elasticity of muscles before further treatment
• Assist the alignment of collagen fibres making the scar tissue stronger and less likely to break down
• Produce a pain killing effect that can reduce muscle spasm and promotes the return to normal function
• Softens fibrous tissue and strengthens scar tissue

Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF)

This method has multiple frequency settings, which encourage correct healing of wounds, strains and fractures it will also assist in the healing of physical and emotional pain. I will use this method to treat;

• Inflammation (both chronic and acute), particularly effective at reducing chronic inflammation in muscles, tendons and ligaments, joints and skin
• Wounds - by increasing vaso-dilation, cell permeability, collagen synthesis and epithelial growth
• Fractures - (particularly non-union) by mimicking the piezoelectric effect and draws Osteoblasts to the area under treatment
• Pain relief - by inhibiting the pain signal and reducing inflammation. This has successfully been used in degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, spondylosis and many more
• Treatment of tendon and ligament injuries and post operative care
• Maintenance of muscles specifically when reduced range of movement, neurological conditions and debilitating injuries are present


This method can be useful as a pain relief method, I may also choose this treatment for the following;

• Assist in stimulating growth of hard and soft tissue
• Improving muscle function and strength
• Reducing the incidence of muscle atrophy
• Wound healing by stimulating re-epithelialization
• Assist with blocking the pain signal and releasing endorphins

Lucy’s approach towards physio and training takes into account not just massage and manipulation, but also correct and progressive schooling exercises to strengthen muscles and work on mitigating or limiting weaknesses. This may be ridden exercises, lunging techniques or simple ground based stretches for your horse.