Throughout the treatment I will aim to complete a general top to toe MOT, assessing muscles strength and available range of movement of the joints, searching for sore points or areas of muscle spasm.

When I first arrive at your stables or house I will see your animal moving, with both horses and dogs, I will be aiming to see the animal walk and trot up, I will also ask the horse to turn on a small circle and may ask to see your dog moving freely off the lead.

I will complete an animal consultation form, this will be tailored for a dog or horse, at the end of the session I will leave a copy for your records.

During the treatment session I will aim to restore flexibility and range of movement of the joints, relieve any muscle spasms and reduce any pain the animal may be experiencing from arthritis or orthopedic conditions. I may use a combination of different methods to do this including any of the therapies mentioned on the Additional Therapies page, these will be used along side hands on mobility techniques and massage

At the end of the session we will have time to talk through a suggested work routine or rehabilitation programme, I generally advise the owner of 'homework' exercises and stretches to help the animal between sessions.

At CVAP, I aim to provide a friendly, helpful service for both the animal and the owner, if you have any questions throughout a session please don't hesitate to ask and if there is something you forgot to ask I am always at the end of the phone or email.

My horse isn't the easiest to treat but Lucy was patient, quiet and brilliant with him... he trusts her implicitly now after a few sessions and the difference in him after treatment is immediate and so rewarding to see. He's nearly 19 and in the best shape if his life.... thanks to Lucy :o)" - Sharon Glay